PAGINA D'INTRODUZIONE   by Gianantonio Castiglioni  


The "BOCCHI-DUBOIN SYSTEM", published by Mursia, is available at main book shops

Scribe notes

With Norberto Bocchi living in Barcelona and Giorgio Duboin resident in Turin, it has been clear from the beginning that, for logistic reasons, “ Giorgino” would have been my designated victim. This book has been in fact written , corrected and re-written in a bar facing Novara railway station where Giorgio was coming by train from Turin and I was coming by car from Lugano.

If this book has finally seen the light, I want to claim at least part of the merit. I had in fact to chase Giorgio in all possible ways, in order to get hold of him during the very few days when he was not busy with Olympic games, World championships or invitational Tournaments that bring him around the whole planet.

I had the rare privilege to talk about bridge for many afternoons with a champion like Giorgio who came out not only as the great player we all know , but also as an intelligent, kind and well read person. He also proved to be quite patient in answering the endless questions, often too naïve for him, that I had to ask in order to understand the cryptic  notes that represented our starting point.

Giorgio Duboin lets people believe that, originated from Liguria,  he has now settled down in Turin, Norberto Bocchi is allegedly born in Parma  but , sooner or later, truth will be known.

The way these two gentlemen play bridge, I strongly believe that they landed from a spaceship and got lost among us human beings. Looking at them while they paint in the air dozens of bridge hands, reminds me of the great Renaissance Masters. The comparison  should not sound disrespectful at all for, in both cases, we are talking about art.

From my side, I have the regret of not having been able to assimilate at least a tiny bit of their genius: too bad, next time I’ll try harder…

Gianantonio Castiglioni


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